Why Us

Customer Service
Probably the single most important value I learned while being with a major retailer for 20 years is customer service. You can be confident that I will support our efforts with consistent follow up at whatever frequency we feel is needed.

Continuous Improvement
I understand that everyone has put a lot of hard work and effort into their QA programs and should be proud of them, as I was. All I ask is to look at my services with an open mind understanding that new ideas and exclusive programs can add not only savings but value to your department. As you know, business is all about inovation, new ideas and passion.


"George is the most detail oriented, knowledgeable, and passionate produce quality inspector I have ever met"

Paul Schillaci
Local Produce Quality Field Coordinator
The Fresh Market
Greensboro, North Carolina

"George has a wealth of knowledge inspecting produce. He has seen it all and would be a great asset to any produce company."

Terry Young
Retired Supervisor NYS DEP. of AG & Mkts
Owner Young Q.C. & Consulting
Stafford, New York