Featured inspection services

Our main service at QA consultants is to help improve your distribution centers QA programs to give you a better competitive edge in this extremely challenging business.

Our main programs for retail, wholesale/distributors, growers/shippers, and food service focuses on produce inbound, warehouse efficiencies, shipping, banana ripening, and training seminars. Your investment will be well worth it as whatever the costs are will be easily returned with increased sales, lower shrink and higher profits.

If QA Consultants can reduce your company shrink by as little as even 0.02% of a $5,000,000 produce sales week, that would give your company a $100,000 savings in one week alone!

Growers/shippers, importers, exporters, and brokers

  • QA Consultants can be an extension of your business for ANY short term, long term, or emergency needs you may have.
  • Be a sales representative or distributor for your product or service.
  • Give you a detailed, photographed, unbiased reinspection of a problem load in a far away market or a load that is being considered for purchase

Services we offer


  • All product inbound inspection procedures at your distribution center. This includes proper receiving techniques, equipment, sampling, and reporting.
  • Complete banana ripening program or re-evaluate and assist on improving a current program.
  • Cooler stock re-inspections. This includes days of freshness, expiration dated product, rotation, re-inspecting outdated product, reporting and advising.
  • Product damage control and disposition.
  • Helping to set or raise company standards of individual commodities.
  • Special reporting of product.
  • Plant inbound inspection procedures.
  • Understanding USDA inspection procedures.
  • Store level pilots